Teeth Straightening (Orthodontic Treatments)

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Teeth Straightening

Braces Orthodontic Treatments

Teeth straightening (Orthodontic Treatments) are the diagnosis, prevention and correction of crooked or crowded teeth and misaligned jaws. Orthodontic treatments are not just for children and adolescents, adults also can benefit or may find themselves in need of orthodontic treatments.

Teeth straightening can be daunting for both young and old. It is important to get an orthodontic assessment of your teeth early in life to ensure any preventative or active treatments that may be necessary have the best chance at success. It is recommended to get a professional assessment between the ages of 7 and 10.

Visit ‘Teeth.org.au | Teeth Straightening and Braces’ for more information on teeth straightening and if you are at all concerned please call my clinic to arrange an assessment.

Brushing with Braces

5 Key tips to keep your teeth, braces and smile sparkling.

Remove all rubber bands or removable appliances.

Apply a pea sized amount of tooth paste.

Start from the gum line of your teeth and brush in gentle circular motions.

Angle the bristles downwards to brush the top of your braces. Repeat this with the brush angled upwards to brush the bottom side.

After brushing spit out remaining tooth paste but do not rinse you mouth with water.

Read Brushing teeth and oral hygiene practices for more information on maintaining good oral hygiene and a bright smile for life.

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