World Oral Health Day 2024

New Campaign Championed by the FDI World Dental Federation

World Oral Health Day 2024

Toothie the Beaver is promoting “A Happy Mouth is… a Happy Body” for World Oral Health Day, March 20th.

A new 3 year campaign for World Oral Health Day 2024 – 2026 is being championed by Toothie the Beaver and the FDI – World Dental Federation (FDI). Toothie the Beaver is raising awareness about your oral health. A healthy mouth helps your general health and well-being, be as healthy as possible. The mouth is integral to our everyday lives. We use our mouths to eat, breathe and communicate. The mouth protects our bodies from nasty bacteria and viruses. Keep your mouth healthy, so it can do its job in protecting your bodies overall health and well-being. Toothie the Beaver is challenging everyone to “Brush and Boogie” to help make Oral Hygiene a fun experience.

World Oral Health Day 2024 is on the 20th March of each year. Encourage your friends and family to learn and improve their understanding of oral health and its relationship with our general health and well-being. #BrushandBoogie. #WOHD 2024


Visit oral health to increase your understanding about the impact oral health has on your general health.

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