Dental Anxiety

Understanding Caring & Patience are Integral to Treating Dental Anxiety.

Understanding Why You Are Anxious?

‘Our team is caring and professional. We are sensitive to your needs and will work with you to provide a safe environment where you can feel in control and respected. We also liaise with other health professionals; if needed, to ensure everyone knows how to support you when you need it.’

Patient Information Dental Anxiety

What To Expect

Our Team Is Waiting Here To Help You Smile.

On your first visit

You will be greeted and invited to fill out an information form.

The waiting room provides comfort and space, hopefully with only a short wait before you see us.

If you have any questions or concerns you are always welcome to return to the practice managers for help.

Payment Information

Dr Bob Cvetkovic is a private practitioner and operates with same day payments, existing patients can arrange payment plans.

Dental Insurance

Searching for dental insurance? Compare insurance companies and options here…

Dental and Health Insurance

Dental and health insurance information and comparison guides.

Health insurance dental
Understanding the Private and Public Systems – Health Direct
Health Insurance Comparison – Fair Health Care Alliance
Understanding Your Rights – ACCC
Health Insurance Comparison – Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care

Your Local Camberwell Family Dentist

Oral Health Fact Sheets

Patient information and oral health facts sheets.

Plaque Disclosing Tablets
Tooth Eruption Chart
Babies, Toddlers & Oral Health
Children & Drinks
Halitosis the Prognosis
Teeth Whitening
Dental X-rays
Know Your Rights
Oral Health & Sports – The Survival Guide
Saliva Balance Oral Health – Saliva Testing
Post-operative Instructions After Having a Tooth Extracted
Aging & Oral Health
Bicarbonate of Soda Mouthwash
How to Brush and Floss Guide
White Slime and Flesh Eating Vampires
Oral Health on Holidays – The Survival Guide
Bruxism (Teeth Grinding & Clenching

Oral Health Links

Verified & reliable oral health resources.

ADAVB | Australian Dental Association Victoria Branch

Has valuable information regarding dental health. Look under for the public and news & advocacy- dental issues, or your oral health.

EviDENT | EviDent Foundation

The EviDent Foundation is a charity based organisation promoting dental health and supporting Australia’s only Dental Practice Based Research Network (DPBRN).

Choice | Independent consumer product reviews

Choice Magazine provides independent reviews and advice on consumer products. Search snack food or sweet treats.

PFA | Pierre Fauchard Academy

An International Honorary Dental Organisation.

RCH | Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

Information and facts sheets in regards to child dental care from The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, caring for our children’s health for 150 years.

time2switch | Health Fund Information & Comparison

The aim of the Time2Switch campaign is to create a more workable balance between the dentists, our patients and the health funds. The website has tools to help you compare policies, advice on choose a policy or making a complaint.

AAP | American Academy of Periodontology

The American Academy of Periodontology explains the progression of gum disease and other gum related conditions including dental procedures related to gum health.

Fair Health Care Alliance | Compare Health Insurance

20 years of combined experience comparing health funds.

FDi | World Dental Federation

The FDi are a global voice for dental professionals. Sharing the latest news and knowledge as well as promoting best practices for oral health specifically in regards to your overall systemic health.

ACH | Academy of Communication in Health Care

The Academy of Communication (ACH) has been on the frontlines for 40 years in research and teaching relationship-centered health care communications.

ADA | Australian Dental Association

The Dental Industries peak national professional body, The Australian Dental Association has three prime objectives; to support members by improving their ability to provide high quality and safe professional oral health care, encouraging improvement in the oral and general health of the public & promoting high quality ethics and the art and science of dentistry.

Better Health | The Better Health Channel

Better Health Channel has sections on diet and nutrition. Search under conditions and treatment- By body parts or systems – Teeth.

The D3 Group | Online Education Resource

The D3 Group is dedicated to the better understanding and care of people with Developmental Dental Defects.

ADI | Academy of Dentistry International

Honour Society for science and global oral health.

Teeth | Oral Health Information Website – ADA

Created by the Australian Dental Association, is an evidence based information website, helping people educate themselves with the latest and updated news and oral health information.

Caring for Kids Teeth | Australian Dental Association

Has hints and tips to give children happy and healthy smiles.

ICD | International College of Dentists

An Internationally recognised honorary body for the worlds leading dentists, since 1920.

FDi | World Dental Federation – Whole body Health

The FDi are a global voice for dental professionals. Whole body health – A project dedicated to promoting and increasing awareness about oral health and its relationship with the body’s overall health and well-being.

ASO | Australian Society of Orthodontists

The Australian Society of Orthodontists provide factual information about orthodontic treatments and have no financial interest in any orthodontic companies or treatments.

To make an enquiry or book and appointment, please call the practice.


Experienced and professional oral health resources.

A Guide To Your Oral & Dental Health

‘A Guide to your Oral & Dental Health is provided as a community service dedicated to helping you improve your dental and oral health. I include general information on your dental and oral health journey; and guide you – as this forms part of the rich information sources already available, and helps improve your knowledge, as you create the wisdom to best care for yourself.’

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Current Oral Health Articles & News

Read Dr Bob’s Articles and News updates, for professionally researched and verifiable information regarding oral health.

World Oral Health Day 2024

World Oral Health Day 2024

New Campaign Championed by the FDI World Dental Federation Toothie the Beaver is promoting “A Happy Mouth is… a Happy Body” for World Oral Health…

Read More

Your Local Camberwell Family Dentist


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Parking & Public Transport

Parking on Campbell Rd is available and limited to 2 hours, whilst parking on Burke Rd is metered. For longer appointments all day parking is available within a 5-10 min walk  at the Well or Woolworths car park.

We are easily accessible by public transport.

Camberwell Train station is a 10min walk from the practice.

Tram 70, 75 & 72 all stop at Camberwell Junction with only a 3min walk

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