General oral health services

A comprehensive range of general dentistry services and treatments.

General Oral Health

Your mouth brings the world into you through drinking, eating and breathing – it helps keep you alive. Your mouth takes you to people and the world through your smile and speech. We focus on your oral health and how this relates to your general health. This then connects to you as a unique and whole person, supporting your well being throughout your life.

general oral health

Check-ups & Cleans

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My check-ups for you include reviewing your medical health;  lifestyle issues that potentially affect oral health; assessing your tongue, cheeks, lips, saliva quality, halitosis; headaches due to clenching and the jaw joints; tooth position and appearance; chips, cracks, wear and tear on your teeth; the quality of existing fillings, tooth decay; gum health, receding gums and loose teeth; your diet and how you clean and care for your mouth at home. Finally we clean your teeth and hopefully leave you smiling.

Oral Hygiene

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Part of your regular dental check-ups  includes reviewing how you care for yourself at home. I might help you improve the way you brush around the hard to get at last molars. You might ask me for tips about manual or electric toothbrushes. You might not be confident about cleaning between your teeth. I’m there to help you find a way that works for you.

Child Dentistry

Child Dentistry

I start seeing kids at about the age of one. Then I definitely would like to see them again at around the age of three; by then all the baby teeth should be present. After that, I discuss the frequency of check-ups with you, the parents and carers; to fit in with everyone’s busy lives. We want to help the kids feel happy, safe and confident. We want to reassure that you; as parents and carers, are doing the right things and hopefully correcting problems before they get out of hand.

Jaw Pain

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Jaw pain and headaches are a common problem that we manage on a daily basis. Often times this is related to the stresses of daily life, and we help you in a practical way to increase your awareness and self-care. We can refer you to your GP, physiotherapist and counsellors if needs be. This applies  to sleep apnoea and snoring as well. We also prepare and provide you with devices called oral appliances or splints that protect your teeth from damage.


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If your teeth are damaged through decay or physical trauma, we can repair them with fillings. It sounds so simple and often it is. As a dentist, I provide the full range of fillings – from  minimally invasive fissure sealants, to complex fillings that may reach below the gums, and even replace most of the visible tooth. The dental surgery is like a mini-operating theatre. We also know this can be stressful for you. We support you to help the experience be as comfortable as possible.

Second Opinions

second opinions dental oral health

Sometimes the way forward to improve your oral health can be confusing. I provide time for consultation so that you can explore and understand your options. Hopefully this will help inform you as to your next steps. I could also refer you on to dental specialists or other health practitioners for extra help if needed.

To make an enquiry or book and appointment, please call the practice.

preventive services

Preventive dentistry is the best type of treatment.

Preventive Services

Preventive treatment is all about helping you to keep healthy. We provide you with the knowledge, wisdom, and practical hands-on skills so that you can take better care of yourself. We provide straightforward in-chair treatment that helps minimise the risks of decay and gum disease. We also provide custom-made devices that will protect your teeth and mouth from sports injuries and tooth-wear and cracks from stress grinding and clenching.

preventive dentistry

Regular Check-ups

regular checkups

How often should you come for a check-up? Current worldwide research would suggest that is inconclusive. I would say often enough to help you stay healthy and little enough to minimise financial costs. It is for that reason we discuss your situation individually. This can vary at different times in your life. I tend to see children and the elderly a little more often.

Scale & Cleans

scale and clean preventive dentistry

Generally, there are two reasons we do a scale and clean. Firstly, for the physical health of your mouth. You do the everyday care at home, and you come along to us to remove the hard tartar or calculus that collects between the teeth and under the gums. Including, the soft plaque that grows as surface slime below the gums and between your teeth. The bacteria that form these white slimes stick to each other tenaciously. We can get to the difficult areas out of your reach. Sometimes, you may not even be aware of their presence and that is to germs advantage. Secondly, we clean and polish your teeth for your psychological well-being. You leave feeling better about yourself and with a smile.


Dental education

We call this health literacy. Knowledge and understanding about what is going on with your oral health is the basis for wisdom. This translates into how you care for your own well-being. We take the time to discuss things with you and translate the technical language into everyday words. Not only can you make good decisions about your own oral and dental health, you also become a changemaker for your family and friends; as you gain a depth of understanding that becomes your own.


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We help implement practical skills that you take home to manage your own oral health. Sometimes, it is about exploring your own motivations for change and using strengths from other parts of your life where you have succeeded in making lifestyle changes. Other times, it is helping you be mindful of the stresses you put on your teeth and jaws and creating simple techniques to release yourself from the tension. Of course, there is always the practical hands-on observation of how you brush your teeth and clean between them. We help you develop techniques that you can confidently handle at home. We are also only a phone call away from some quick advice.


Services & Treatments

As dentists, we are well placed to help keep your gums healthy. There is a quick fix that sets you up for life – it is how you care for yourself every day. The forever cure for gum disease is the choices you make and the actions you take to keep the gums pink and not bleeding. Periodontal disease is described technically as a complex disease. You have to have bacteria present (germs) but they don’t have to be in large numbers. Your immune system and genetics have to be in top condition – but it isn’t always. We assess this when you come in for your regular check-ups, and help you manage your periodontal health to minimise the risks and maximise your oral health.

Mouthguards & Splints (Oral Appliances)

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Whether your child is in the under 12 footy team or you are a veteran hockey player, mouthguards simply save teeth and reduce the risk of damage if there is an injury. Dental splints are now called Oral appliances. We provide you with these if you clench or grind your teeth. This minimises the risk of splitting your teeth which can lead to losing a tooth. Some people clench their teeth during the day, some at night, and some even both. We help figure out the best way to help you with practical devices and advice. We also undertake initial screening for, snoring, and sleep apnoea issues and can refer you on for further help.

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restorative services

A comprehensive range of restorative dental services.

Restorative Services

Restorative dentistry is all about repairing and renewing your teeth, gums, jaw and smile. Is there decay in one of your teeth – we can repair that. Did you lose one or more teeth? We can renew the lost teeth with dentures, bridges and implants. Did you chip a tooth on a fork – we can smooth it, fill it and improve your smile.

Services & Treatments

Crowns & Bridges

dental crowns and bridges oral health

Crowns are special helmets to cover most or all of a damaged tooth. They improve the life of a tooth, so that you can chew your food with more confidence. They are glued to your existing teeth. If you are missing one or more teeth, a dental bridge combines one or more crowned teeth with an artificial tooth to span the gap.

Root Canal Treatments

root canal treatment

Teeth and their roots are hard. Inside there is a hollow space and tubes we call pulp chambers and canals. These are filled with nerves and blood vessels. When they die, we can clean out the hollows and fill them, so that you can keep the tooth longer. The outside of a tooth still has nerves and blood vessels keeping the tooth alive and is attached to your bones with sinews.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Tooth Coloured fillings oral and dental health

Most modern dental fillings are tooth coloured. We call them composites and they are composed of a combination of microscopic glass particles embedded in a sea of plastic resins. There are also ceramic materials which are harder and strong enough to make a crown or bridge. Another common filling material is called a glass ionomer. Dental research is always working in the background to develop new materials to repair and replace our incredible teeth.


Dentures Oral and dental Health

Artificial teeth can be removable, rather than stuck to teeth or implants. They are a cost effective way of providing a smile or the ability to chew food. They are commonly made from plastics called acrylics, or in combination with metals called cobalt chromes.


Dental Implants restorative services

When you have lost one or more teeth, a titanium implant can be embedded in the jaw bone, and an artificial tooth can be placed on  top of that. It sounds so simple and it can be straightforward. There is so much more going on under the surface. Its even more important for you to take care of them and just like all other repairs and replacements how you care for them and regular dental check-ups help them last as long as possible.


dental veneers

The whole outside of a tooth can be covered with ceramic or composite veneers. They can transform your smile and look  quite natural so that no one knows you have them.

To make an enquiry or book and appointment, please call the practice.

Cosmetic services & Treatments

When your teeth are in need of that extra care for a bright freshening smile.

Cosmetic Services & Treatments

Services & Treatments

Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

Teeth are living and change over our whole lives. They have a crystal skin called enamel which is hard and yet microscopically porous. The centre of the tooth has nerves and blood vessels which keep the tooth alive. They deserve to be handled with care. Tooth whitening can be done safely under our guidance and practical hands on help.

Restorative Services

Cosmetic services restorative treatments

All the treatment and services provided ranging from veneers, fillings, crowns, bridges, implants and dentures can have a cosmetic aspect or component. The word restorative means something special to me. It’s about refreshing, replacing and renewing dental things lost or changed, in a way that provides you with dignity and freedom to be yourself. We work as a team with you.


consultation oral and dental health services

The best way to manage your dental cosmetic needs is through a process of conversations. What you might have on your mind as a vision, may change once you see some results or better figure out what is possible. There are things about you that I need to know and only you can explain that to me. We work together to have a shared understanding and shared decision making. This is the best way to get results that will keep you smiling and me happy with the care provided.

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Specialty referrals

A professional network is key to ensuring the comprehensive delivery of your oral health.

Services & Treatments

Expert & Specialised Referrals

I want to provide you with the best possible oral and dental care; and treatment. There are aspects of oral health which are more complex such as :

Impacted wisdom teeth buried deep within the jaw bones. They can be stuck in such a way that damages the teeth in front or risks becoming a portal of infection.
Teeth that are not aligned normally, making it really difficult to clean and inhibit you to smile with comfort.
Bleeding gums that persist despite your best efforts.

There are dentists who have dedicated their working lives to managing these unique areas of oral health care. I will refer you to them to help us with orthodontic care or surgical extraction of teeth.

Also your medical GP is best placed to assess whether you might have diabetes if I see signs of gum [periodontal] disease which might have more to do with general health.

I am part of a larger team of health providers; that work together in an informed way, where everyone looks to your care and well being.

I will always discuss with you, how we can best provide for your oral health care.

Emergency dental Services

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If you need urgent medical attention please call

If you have dental emergencies or urgent problems, call my rooms and I will do what I can to attend to your care as soon as possible.

To make an enquiry or book and appointment, please call the practice.


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