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Latest News – General Oral Health – 2023

bruxism (excessive grinding)

Bruxism (Excessive Grinding)

‘Preventing and treating bruxism’

Bite Magazine, June 19, 2023.

health insurance premiums

Thinking about taking up private health insurance — or giving it up? Here are some things to consider.

‘Private health insurance premiums are going up from June 1 – should you keep it?’

The Drum, By Karen Tong


‘TikTok DIY dental trend having ‘catastrophic’ consequences’

Carla Mascarenhas – 12th Apr 2023


World Cavity-Free Future Day 2022

Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future – 14th Oct 2022

Read World Cavity-Free future Day for more info.


Dental Health Week 2022 - ADA

Love Your Teeth – Support Dental Health Week

Dental Health Week | 1st – 7th Aug 2022

Latest News – Dental & Oral Health & Covid-19

Covid-19 Updates to help ensure your are informed about current health and safety procedures and policies. Mask rules still apply when visiting the dentist.

If you have any general health concerns see your doctor first.
With the return to Covid-19 normal practice, we can do regular check-ups and other treatments such as bleaching or others that you may have deferred.

With all of our day-to-day distractions and other world topics in the headlines, it can be easy to forget to protect ourselves against Covid-19. It is important to remain vigilant and stay informed to reduce the risks of infection from the virus.

Latest Covid-19 updates.

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