World Cavity-Free Future Day

#WCFFDay – OCT 14th 2022 – Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF)

World Cavity Free Future Day 2022

Help Support World Cavity-Free Future Day 2022.

The ‘Alliance for a Cavity-Free future’ (ACFF) established World Cavity-Free Future Day in 2016. The global campaigns’ mission is to increase awareness of dental caries, a disease that leads to cavities and tooth decay. This year’s campaign is focused on behavioural changes to help encourage good oral hygiene practices. Taking good care of our teeth through regular oral hygiene, (brushing, flossing, eating a balanced diet and maintaining regular dental check-ups) is the best defence against dental caries and gum disease. Dentists and Oral hygienists can only encourage this practice as it is up to individuals and families to care for their teeth.

Dental Caries, one of the most common chronic diseases’ world wide.

The World Health Organisation estimates over 3.5 billion people are affected. Educating and establishing good oral hygiene practices early in life is key to combating this disease, giving individuals the best chance at maintaining a healthy mouth throughout their lives.

Oral hygiene – Building healthy habits

A collection of key messages from the ACFF for #WCFFDay

A family that brushes together, smiles together
A little change makes a big difference
brush now, save later
brush on the go
Build healthy Habits
Fluoride toothpaste keeps your teeth strong
Go Shopping for Oral Hygiene
Keep Brushing, Keep Smiling
We brush better when we brush together
Whynot try some sugar-free treats.

Read ‘Brushing Teeth and Oral Hygiene Practices’ for more information on maintaining healthy oral hygiene practices.


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