Bicarbonate of Soda Mouthwash is it Safe?

The benefits of using bicarbonate of soda mouthwash and its recommended use.

Baking soda mouthwash

Is bicarbonate of soda mouthwash safe?

Bicarbonate of soda mouthwash is a commonly known alternative for commercial antibacterial mouth rinses. Professionals may recommend bicarbonate of soda mouthwash to treat oral health problems.

Not to be confused with DIY bicarbonate of soda toothpaste (the ADA recommends using toothpaste with fluoride, see ADA Practical Guidelines for use of Fluoride). Bicarbonate of soda mouthwash at the correct dose is safe and can be beneficial when preventing and managing oral hygiene and health concerns.

When should I use bicarbonate soda Mouthwash?

In general bicarbonate of soda mouthwash is a healthy and cost effective alternative for commercially branded products. However, it is best to ask your dentist what sort of mouthwash is most beneficial to you. Oral health professionals may recommend bicarbonate of soda mouthwash to assist in maintaining general oral hygiene or to treat oral health issues like mouth sores, throat pain, tooth sensitivity, or oral cancers. It removes stains and can potentially improve the whiteness of your teeth.

Pregnancy and bicarbonate of soda

Pregnancy can affect your oral health in a number of ways –  morning sickness being one of the most common. Bicarbonate of soda mouthwash can be useful in combating the build-up of acids in the mouth. Do not brush your teeth after waves of nausea or episodes of vomiting. Instead, rinse your mouth with water or a bicarbonate of soda mouthwash to help replenish the neutrality with the slightly alkaline bicarbonate of soda mouthwash in your mouth. The ADA and contain further reading for your information.

Dry Mouth and bicarbonate of soda

Baking soda mouthwash

We all experience a dry mouth from time to time – a persistent dry mouth lasting months and years can lead to an increased risk of dental decay, gum disease and difficulty in eating and general mouth discomfort. It is important to speak to your dentist if this persists and a bicarbonate of soda mouthwash can help.

Is bicarbonate of soda harmful?

Bicarbonate of soda in large doses can be toxic and is not recommended for consumption. Bicarbonate of soda diluted in water in the correct dose as a mouthwash  is quite safe. 

Safe Bicarbonate of Soda Recipe


1/2 – 1 Teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

A pinch of salt if desired.

1 cup of warm water


1 – Mix the bicarbonate of soda and salt in a glass of warm water.

2 – Rinse and gargle one mouthful for 60 seconds.

3 – Spit out rinse. (Do not swallow)

3 – This glass can be kept throughout the course of the day to repeat steps 1 – 3 several times.


Rinse as often as possible; between meals, after flossing or brushing or as your oral health professional has instructed. 

For more reading about oral hygiene Brushing Teeth and Oral Hygiene Practices


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