Central incisors – The look

Part One

Central Incisors -The Look. Your central incisors are the very front two teeth that people see when you smile. You have them in your top jaw and in your bottom jaw.

Most often, people look at the top Central incisors.

Central incisors
have a look in the mirror at your own central incisors – what do you think?

The look is a very personal thing. You can compare yourself to other people – what is it that makes you unique?

Are appearances that important? Sometimes a smile outshines perfect positioning of teeth.

Sometimes you may want a change for your own peace of mind –

It takes time to work out what this may be.

I discuss this in detail with my patients to help understand what the options are – what is possible to stay healthy and achieve the look you want.

This patient took time to discuss wth me the options of referring her to an orthodontist. I had already set up a referral to a trusted colleague of mine. She preferred an orthodontist that I knew would give her personalised care and ongoing care and talk to her face to face rather than through email.

Then she asked me what else was possible and I suggested simple composite veneers that could be done in one visit. They would be placed on the surfaces of the existing central incisors. I even did a quick mockup to show her what was possible and only the very tips of the central incisors would be slightly shortened.

After careful discussion and time, she was happy to proceed.

Part Two

Central incisors Teeth

She was very happy with these veneers. She decided to not proceed with orthodontic treatment. The treatment fulfilled the look she wanted. Her gums will settle and I always do follow up reviews to make sure everything is ok.

Each case is unique. In this particular case she didn’t need extra translucency at the tips of the incisors. She liked the slightly rounded edges as well.

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