Dental Health Week 2022 | Love Your Teeth

1st – 7th August 2022

Dental Health Week 2022 - Camberwell Dentist

The Mission

Dental Health Week 2022 – Every year in the first full week of August the Australian Dental Association lead a major oral health campaign, (DHW) Dental Health Week. The key messages are all about encouraging people to maintain good oral hygiene practices and how integral these practices are in sustaining healthy teeth and a bright smile for life.

Campaign Messages

Dental Health Week 2022

1 – Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Learn more…

2 – Clean between your teeth daily using floss or interdental brushes. Learn more…

3 – Eat a healthy, balanced diet and limit added sugar intake. Learn more…

4 – Visit the dentist regularly for check-ups and preventative care. Learn more…

Good Oral Hygiene

Love Your Teeth

DHW 2022 ‘Love your teeth’ is all about you and caring for you teeth. Following the recommended guide-lines as mentioned above will give you the best chance to have a healthy and happy smile for life. Maintaining these regular practices can really minimise the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Regular Check-ups

Dental Health week 2022

Dental Health week 2022 has a focus on maintaining regular check-ups with your dentist as this can be one of the best forms of preventative treatments. Your Dentist will be able to identify early signs of tooth decay or disease and enact preventative measures to minimise and prevent further damage. This gives your teeth the best chance to recover and is also less costly than restorative treatments.

Additional ADA Resources

The Australian Dental Association maintain a range of valuable resources one of which is

‘Watch Your Mouth’ Podcast

ADA’s oral health education podcast. ‘Watch Your Mouth’, hosted by Jimmy Rees (Jimmy Giggle from Giggle and Hoot).

School lessons

In co-operation with SugarByHalf and Cool Australia and in-line with national curriculum, the ADA has produced ‘School Lessons’, oral health lesson’s that are incorporated into everyday topics such as maths and science.

Children’s books

The ADA again partnered up SugarByHalf and including Bee Healthy Stories have published ‘Guardians of the Gums’ and the ‘Early Learning Edition’. Written by Adam & Jessica Dunsford, Illustrated by Vanessa Fernandes.

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