Cleaning between your teeth the fast facts

Flossing, flossettes’, water flossers and interdental brushes

Cleaning Between your Teeth

Cleaning between your teeth the fast facts

The fast facts about cleaning between your teeth. Sometimes we need quick reminders about why we clean between our teeth and how we can do it. 

The theme of dental health week this August is all about loving your teeth.

30% of the surface area that needs to be cleaned is between your teeth and the toothbrush does not get there. 
Love the spaces and follow the fact here.

How to choose the right flossing tool.

There are many types of flossers, flossettes, water flossers and other interdental brushes. There is no one that is singularly the best. Your mouth is as unique as your personality and for this reason, it is best to experiment trialling the different types available and find the best that suits your needs and brushing technique. Your dentist will inform you if your are cleaning between your teeth enough, so be sure to have your regular check-ups.

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Dental Health Week 2022

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